Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Stockholm 3D Ear Net, Pad & Wraps

Also includes deco versions

Created by 
Elin Fredriksdotter


  1. Hello!
    I put the CC, and it's INCREDIBLE! But I have a problem..
    I can't put the Wraps and the Ear nets on the horse at the same time. I don't know why, but I still enjoy the pack!

    1. its a mod called NARASS (I think)

    2. yeah, but how I use the nrass? I have nrass but I can't put ;-;

    3. First, open the NRASS menu on your horse, then find the Settings tab. I feel like it's in basic, but I could be wrong. There will be a tab called CAS. Inside, it will say something along the lines of: "Allow multiple accesseries." Click it to change it to true, then access the CAS through advanced. It will only work if you access CAS through NRASS

  2. this is the only stuff i wanna use on my horses, sadly it messes with my textures and makes my horses one color :(